Green Consulting Services

To help each business identify, develop, implement, monitor and profit from its unique sustainability opportunity, Generation 14 offers the following consulting, education and marketing services on an hourly and retainer basis.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

  • Customized Master Planning
  • Natural Resource Benchmarking, Monitoring & Assessment
  • Carbon Reduction Management
  • Product Research and Recommendations
  • Charette Facilitation and Hosting
  • Conference & Event Greening

Environments Consulting

  • Building Design
  • LEED™ Consulting
  • LEED™ Application and Submission
  • Product Selection
  • Improvements & Renovations Planning
  • Identification of Tax Incentives


  • Your Business’ Opportunities and Impact Potential
  • Understanding & Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Employee Training Seminars
  • Best Green Business Practices Seminars

Marketing & Business Development

  • Developing a Unique Sustainability Story
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities & Audiences
  • Environmentally Responsible Marketing
  • Avoiding “Green Washing”