Every business decision has both an environmental and an economic impact. New opportunities to improve energy efficiency and protect natural resources while meeting your business goals emerge daily. Success stories abound regarding businesses that gain greater productivity, employee retention, community approval and profitability when they direct their company in a sustainable fashion.

Generation 14 provides a comprehensive set of consulting services that allows you to understand and apply the most appropriate sustainability options based on your business goals. We help guide you through the education, planning, implementation and verification that are integral parts of a sustainability master plan. We then help you in the messaging and marketing that allows you to capitalize on the growing public demand that our economic successes are not at the cost of our environment.

Generation 14 tailors our services to meet your companies’ specific needs. We can provide one-time services or establish a lasting relationship to address and meet your sustainability objectives. We work with you to identify and act on realistic and achievable goals that signal your commitment to the health of your business while protecting the environment.