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The Real Winner at the Water Cube

Forget that so many world records were broken in the water at the Water Cube. There is another gold medal that should be hung around someones neck.  The real winner from this venue was WATER and ENERGY.

The Cube collects rain water that falls on the outer surface and roof facade.  One engineering estimate is that the building will collect 10,000 tons of rain water, 70,000 tons of clean water and 60,000 tons of swimming pool water on an annual basis.  That’s not a drop in the bucket.

And the LED lighting reduces the electrical needs by somewhere around 60% over conventional lighting.  As a bonus LEDs don’t contain mercury, emit no or little ultraviolet light and produce almost no heat that needs to be overcome with air conditioning.

Add the high visibility of the project and you have a poster child for good design.  I would have to dig deeper into the specifics of the project but on the surface I give them a gold medal for good design.

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