Sustainability Consulting

Need Rain?

It’s late August and many of the landscapes are at the point where they are either extremely dry and unsightly or soaking up water from irrigation systems.  But those aren’t the only two options.  A carefully planned landscape design can do a number of things to assist the sustainability of a project.  Appropriate landscape designs can:

  • reduce the need for potable water used for irrigation by 50% to 100%
  • reduce the heat-island effects of the built environment
  • decrease the quantity of site run-off water
  • increase the quality of site run-off water
  • lower annual average heating and cooling costs
  • improve worker productivity and employee retention
  • improve the quality of the site ecology
  • reduce the need for frequent mowing that requires fossil fuels
  • improve air quality

Add the value of all of these services together and it’s clear that landscape design is one critical component of sustainable planning.  Does your project team include someone that can optimize that potential?

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