Sustainability Consulting

Decision Making is where Sustainability Takes Root

Sustainability is more about the way we go about making decisions than it is a check-box list of specific strategies focused on any one project. A typical starting place for organizations to begin “going green” is to download a list of “things you can do today to lower your carbon footprint”, or something similar, and start with the low hanging fruit. But until a decision making process is embedded into your organizational thinking that focuses your efforts, your ability to reap the full benefits of planned sustainability will be sporadic and limited.  If you don’t know where to start then doing something, anything, is to be applauded. But changing out the light bulbs for compact fluorescents and making sure your aluminum cans get recycled isn’t going to get our communities where we need them to be fast enough.  The most effective business leaders know that profit isn’t the only “p” in the modern bottom line.  That may have been the notion years ago, but the triple bottom line that includes “people” and “planet” along with “profit”  is the model that consumers are increasingly demanding of business today.  If your sustainability strategy looks more like a check-list it may be time to update.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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